"Ginger is one of those rare people who can naturally combine divine guidance and worldly wisdom in their being. Ginger’s readings are like her beloved crystals: unique, illuminating and transformative. I highly recommend her if you need spiritual and intuitive guidance in the most gentle, mystical and yet down-to-earth way."
~ Cigdem Kobu – Writer, Business Coach and Community Builder


"I highly recommend Gin as a very gifted and intuitive card reader. She really taps into what you are going through and also what you NEED to hear from a very nurturing and supportive stance so that you can move forward and BELIEVE in who you are."~~ Kerryanna (KV) Vanzo, Aquarius Nation


"Thank you so much for the reading. I first opened the picture of the cards you drew and my mouth just dropped open! They seem to be the perfect message for me right now. The reading is also very meaningful... Thank you so much for your help. I feel much more clear about following my path." ~~ Dot L.


“Just want to give a followup to the lovely reading you gave me last night. First of all, I want to tell you that the reading itself was wonderful. I felt relaxed and open, and very comfortable with you on the phone. I feel that you had a great sense of what I’m going through, even though you barely know me, and I feel like the messages I got were perfect, and exactly what I needed to hear.” ~~ Michelle H.


"WOW! I needed to hear both of those messages. Thank you... This was an amazing reading and the confirmations I needed right now." ~~ Angie Y.


"Thank you, Ginger. That was an exceptional reading and exactly what I needed to hear. What you had to say is exactly what I know to be true. Thank you very much." ~~ Beatrice


Thank you, Ginger!!! Love my reading - it's right on." ~~ Sherri


What a marvelous spiritual, earthy mystic you are!" ~ Lana A.

“if you (or i) had literally picked through the cards, looking at each of them, then choosing one from an intellectual perspective (vs allowing one to present itself intuitively i mean), you (or i) would not have been able to (intellectually) choose a better card. i feel SO validated. SO much more sure of myself and my needs and doing what i need .. i just.. i just wish i could reach through the physical space between us and look you in the eyes and thank you from my heart. perfect just doesn’t quite cut it… yeah. teary & felt heard and seen. the older (WISER! ;-)) i get, the more i recognize realize that this is what we all want, whether we’re able to articulate it well or not. we all want to be seen. we all want to be heard. we all want to be loved. you’ve given me that (yet again) with this and your feedback. thank you i’m saving this so that i can come back to it and listen again and again…. thank you thank you thank you…” ~~ Angel S.


“Oh how this resonates… simply amazing!” ~~ Leslie Didier-Paquin, On the Path

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting a reading from Gin. It is always spot on with any confirmation that I may be looking for. She goes in depth for a 2 card oracle reading. I hope everyone will treat them self for an intuitive insight guidance."


"Thank you Ginger ! You are so spot-on!"


"Just what I needed. Thank you!!"


"Readings from Gin are full of heartfelt, gentle guidance. Timely, beautiful and divinely perfect."


"I enjoyed hearing Ginger's reading for me. It was exactly what I had to hear and do at the time. Thank you!"

Beautifully insightful and wonderfully delivered. Thank you!


“As a Certified Crystal Healer myself, I wanted to work with a gifted crystal healer during an incredibly stressful time in my life. Ginger’s powerful work as a crystal healer and Reiki Master was worth every penny. She created a distance crystal grid for me during a tumultuous time in my life–house moving and selling. She sent Distance Reiki as we navigated some tough negotiations. As we packed up, I felt held, grounded, and supported, even as my home was being uprooted. Literally. Ginger took the time to send me a photo of my grid, so I could use it to direct meditation and distant Reiki, and checked in with me during our move. I cannot recommend her services more highly.” ~~ Angie Yingst, CCH, The Moon + Stone Healing


“You feel so comforting to work with, even when there are really super vulnerable things that want to be shared.. it’s so so so scary to share those things with someone when you’re not sure how they’re going to take it, but with you the love is there, the gentleness is there, your own vulnerability is there… It makes it much easier to allow the sharing of the super scared bits…” ~~ Angel Sullivan


“This has been a really awesome course! Not only did Your Inner Fire give me guidance on strengthening myself, it also changed the way I saw myself, which is probably even more important! Thank you, Ginger!” ~~ Becky Maynard


“Ginger thank you for your love, care and ethereal guidance. This course has been a lifeline to the Divine for me. You inspire me. With great love and an ever grateful heart.” ~ Beth Lampe, Journey by Lampelight



“The light bulb is no longer dim! It is bright and illuminating my path fully.

And I owe this to you...

How so? Because you nudged me to write. To be open to receive. To allow the energy of my writing (once I found it) to be the guide to what needs to manifest. Well, my research and subsequent “finding” my true spiritual path (more like embracing and stop running lol) not only shone the light brightly on my path, but the words that need to be written have been flowing so freely today that I can barely keep up! I now know how to bring this story into being and the words are coming like a rushing river!!

I am just overjoyed write now (pun intended)!!!! Thank you so much for being the catalyst I needed to get moving and unstuck. Thank you for your gentle approach and loving kindness. Thank you for being you! Because of you, not only am I writing again but I can say I’ve found and fully embraced my true spiritual path... ”

~~ SimplySumaiyah,



“Upon signing up for Ginger’s email course on Commune(ing), I had no idea I would be so very much affected. The emails were broken into categories of spirit, nature, self and others, which is what appealed to me in the first place. The emails were just long enough to make you think and had so much information and inspiration per post. I am so grateful that I took the course and plan on enrolling again. Ginger has a very sweet, gentle way about her and is an amazing soul spirit. She is definitely a star worth catching and because of this course, I am going to go to her again and again. Blessings!” ~~ Renee Avard, Worth Catching


The Commune{ing} email series has been eye-opening and informative. I’ve been involved in a spiritual practice for most of my life. However, these prompts helped me get out of the rut and thinking outside the box. Thank you, Ginger, for innovating this series and the obvious love in each of the writing prompts. I LOVED being able to participate and am so grateful to have been given the opportunity.
With love,
Carla M.


"Ginger is a miracle worker on jump starting my muse!"

“I encourage you to explore Gin’s Writenergy if you are eager to tap into that well of inspiration from which writing comes. To me, writing is about listening to what arises from within me to be expressed. Writenergy offers me many different choices to tap into the energetic source of my writing. Thank you, Gin, for your innovative and enjoyable ideas and processes for enhancing my writing flow.” ~~ Lynne Fairchild, Wayfinding Coach




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PERFECT. Absolutely beautiful and VERY well made, and I could not have asked for a better transaction.

A beautiful delicate piece of good feeling and devotion...

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A wonderful tool that I use almost every daily during meditation...

Just beautiful. Gin is a pleasure to deal with. Beautiful quality work!

Very pretty, thanks!


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Wonderful item, lovely packaging - thank you.

I love it!

Absolutely beautiful work, highly recommend!

I have this pendant on now! Just love it, very nice.

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Very lovely necklace, thank you!

I LOVE these! I haven't taken them off since they arrived. Magical energy!

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Fast shipping, item exactly as pictured. Lovely seller. Thank you!

Beautifully made and lovingly packaged. Received very quickly! I could also feel the good energy coming from the gems. Thank you for your gifts and for your excellent customer service.

"There are a lot of sites that sell wonderful meditation tools. For me, Subtle Harmony is different. When I first saw the pictures and stories of Gin's products, I knew that she creates her meditation chains with clear intention and meaning. When I received my chain, it felt special to me right away. It feels so nurturing to use it in my meditation practice. Its unique energy and beauty truly does help me align with the natural harmony within me."
~Lynne Fairchild, Wayfinding Coach


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