Joy Connections (the color series)

~ It's not too late to join in! ~

Intentionally cultivating joy can make a difference to your whole life.

Although joy isn't the same thing as happiness, consciously connecting to joy can help you feel happier more often, it can help you feel more peaceful and content, and it can help you get through times which are far-from-happy.

Looking for, and finding, pockets of joy and moments of joy, can help you notice more easily that joy is present.

Consciously and intentionally connecting to joy, bringing your awareness to joy, also helps bring you more into the present moment... it helps you be here, now, mindful of this very moment.

By being more aware of the joy-bringing possibilities around you - and connecting to those joy-filled moments, things, people, and activities - you connect more to joy in general.

Joy Connections (the color series) is about being aware of and noticing joy-for-you things based on the color-of-the-day - a different color each day for 10 days.

Beginning March 20, there'll be a color-of-the-day for 10 days. (Even if you sign up after the 20th, that's ok - it's not too late to join in!)

Notice something that day with the color of that day... a favorite something in your home, something you see outside, a shirt or mug that makes you feel good...

Anything that brings you delight and joy, and is the color-of-the-day.


Being on the lookout for joy-to-you things can help you be more aware of them when you see them or experience them. Which, itself, helps you connect more with joy. You become more conscious of the joy you feel and the joy available even when you might not feel it (or even notice it at first).

Sign up below for the email series (it's free!) to receive daily emails for this 10-day journey that begins March 20. (And even if it's after the 20th, it's not too late to join in!)

How does Joy Connections (the color series) work?

For about a week and a half, you'll receive an email almost every day. We officially get started with Day-1/Color-1 on March 20th and you'll receive an email the day before that gives a general overview. And then, beginning March 20, you'll receive an email every day for 10 days focused on the color for that day. Within a few days after the series ends, you'll receive a final email with a .pdf of the content from all the days gathered together in one document for you to save, download, and/or print. (So even if you join after March 20, you'll receive the content of all the previous days when you get the final .pdf file - because it will have everything!)

What's the benefit of signing up for the emails instead of just following along on social media?

The emails have extras! Each email will have information about the traditional and energetic meanings of that day's color, along with prompts and suggestions and encouragement for connecting with that color.

Also, I've invited 6 fabulous, talented people to help me with their contributions to the email series. . . so you'll receive personal shares of photos, original artwork, poetry, and stories about joy connection with each color.

And within a few days after the 10-day series ends, you'll receive a .pdf of all the content combined together in one document for you.

Are there ways to share experiences with others participating in Joy Connections (the color series)?

Yes! Sharing on instagram is encouraged, as one aspect of Joy Connections is being a photo challenge to share your connections with the color-of-the-day. The hashtag #joyconnections will help us find and see each other's photos, and I'll be posting a list of the dates-and-colors on social media. You can share on facebook too (or instead of instagram) - totally your choice.

To participate on facebook or instagram, take a photo of your joy-for-you-color-of-the-day something (whatever it is for you) and post it using the #joyconnections hashtag.

And of course, posting and sharing on instagram and/or facebook is completely optional. You can participate even if you choose not to post on social media.

Does it cost anything to join?


Joy Connections (the color series) is totally free - all you need to do is sign up below with your first name and your email address, check your email for the confirmation email you should receive within a few minutes after entering your info, and then follow the instructions in that email to confirm (that's an important step, because the system won't add you unless you follow that link and check a little box) - and then you'll be all set!

Can I sign up even is it's after March 20?

Sure! If you join after the 20th, your emails will begin on the following day and will pick up with the color-of-the-day where we are in the series. But you'll still get everything in the emails for all 10 days, including the ones sent on the days before you signed up, because all the emails will be combined into one .pdf document that you'll receive after the series ends.


You can do this color-joy challenge on your own or with a friend or loved one, post photos on social media or not, find one thing or many with each day's color... whatever works for you. The main goal is being on the lookout, and cultivating, JOY in your life.


Joy Connections (the color series) is a simple, fun, and grace-and-ease-filled way to help you connect more with joy - and to do it through the beauty and wonder of color.

Join us by signing up with button below.

It's free - and it's not too late to join!