why I sleep with a rose quartz crystal...



Rose quartz was the first crystal I fell in love with as a girl in elementary school digging up chunks of rose quartz crystals in a vacant lot down the road, adding them to my ever-growing stone collection. Even before I knew all of the wonderful properties of rose quartz, I fell for it because I loved the way it looked and I loved the way the stones felt when I held them.

Rose quartz remains one of my all-time favorite crystals all these years later.

I love it because I still love the look and feel of it - the pink, the rose, the translucency, the way it can feel smooth even when raw and unpolished.

I also love it because of what I came to learn about the properties of rose quartz.

It's wonderful for unconditional love, and love of all kinds: self-love and self-compassion, universal love, romantic love, love for friends and family and animals. Rose quartz has a high vibration but it's also very soothing and calming and nurturing... Just love and lovely energy all around.

But the reason I sleep with rose quartz is because of something else (although I definitely believe having the loving and calming energy of rose quartz nearby is helpful).

The reason I sleep with rose quartz is because it helps me cool down.

As in... when I wake up during the night with a hot flash.

Or when I wake up feeling too warm for any reason, like being under too many covers that felt comfy when first falling asleep but make me too hot after a few hours.

It was by accident that I found out rose quartz helped my hot flashes.

A few years ago, when I was deeply into peri-menopause, going through "the change" (so to speak), and starting to have problems with hot flashes day and night, I was sitting near my biggest hunk of rose quartz (8 pounds) one day when a hot flash hit.

Without really thinking about it, I reached over and placed my hand on the big crystal.

And it felt so cool. And so good. And - the hot flash passed quickly, faster than usual.

Later that day it happened again, and I had the same result with placing my hand on the rose quartz.

So I decided to experiment with it during the night. At that point in time, I was waking up from sleep several times every night thanks to hot flashes (no night sweats, though, just the flashes) - and I was feeling sort of desperate about the situation.

The big 8-pounder was too large for this specific bedtime purpose - I wanted a piece I could actually put on my body or hold in my hand - but I have lots of rose quartz in all sorts of sizes, so it wasn't hard to find what I needed.

I chose a raw piece small enough to keep within reach while sleeping but large enough to really feel it.

A piece that comfortably filled my palm. A piece with a flattish side to it so that it would easily sit on my chest without rolling anywhere (unless I rolled over).

After picking out the perfect piece, I started using it when waking up during the night with hot flashes.

And it helped.

It helped so much.

I don't have hot flashes to the extent that I had them for a couple of years. But they still happen now and again, and sometimes during the night I'll wake up with one... or sometimes I'll wake up from having become too hot due to the room temperature or too many covers or too much spicy food the day before.

So I still keep that piece of rose quartz within reach while I sleep, and I place it on my chest when I wake up feeling too uncomfortably warm.

I believe it brings energy of love and peace and calming.

And it helps me cool down quickly... which feels so good when those too-hot times hit.