the chakra "I" mantras...

chakra I mantras

Your seven major chakras impact all areas of your life... and there are mantras that relate to each of the chakras.

One kind of chakra mantra is the "I" mantra, a phrase that begins with the word "I" followed by a verb about one the things that specific chakra does or is about in your life.

What are these "I" mantras?

The first chakra, the root or base chakra, is related to the physical needs of survival in this lifetime, feelings of security and stability, and the element of Earth. This chakra is about BE-ing here in this lifetime, in this time, in this place called earth.

I AM is a mantra for the root chakra.

The second chakra, the sacral chakra, is related to creativity, close relationships, emotions, and the element of Water. This chakra is (among other things) about FEELING what you feel.

I FEEL is a mantra for the sacral chakra.

The third chakra, the solar plexus chakra, is about personal power, individuation, confidence, determination, and the element of Fire. This chakra is related to taking action and DOING.

I DO is a mantra for the sacral chakra.

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is about love of all kinds, compassion, and healing. This chakra really is so much about love on all levels - love for others, love of self, universal love.

I LOVE is a mantra for the heart chakra.

The fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is about communication in all ways, self-expression in all ways, authenticity, and expressing your creativity. This chakra is about SPEAKING - speaking with others, listening to others speak, speaking your truth, speaking your creativity. (Even if these things don't involve literally, physically speaking.)

I SPEAK is a mantra for the throat chakra.

The sixth chakra, the third-eye or brow chakra, is related to intuition, inner vision, inner knowing, and the imagination. This chakra is about SEEING, in all the various ways and forms that means.

I SEE is a mantra for the third-eye chakra.

The seventh chakra, the crown chakra, is related to spirituality, enlightenment, connection to the higher self and to the All. This chakra is about knowing and understanding, in the universal and enlightened and spiritual sense.

I KNOW is a mantra for the crown chakra.

(I UNDERSTAND is another mantra for this chakra.)

There's much more (MUCH more!) to what each of the seven major chakras is about, corresponds to, and connects with. But these are some of the basics for each.

And these are some of the chakra "I" mantras.

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you are not 'too' anything...

For many people (and I'm including myself in this category), there's been some hard stuff going on lately.

With hard stuff - and good stuff too, actually - there can come big feelings, lots of emotion, some expressing-out or drawing-in.

Sometimes, when this happens, others might call you too sensitive.

Or too emotional.

Or too dramatic.


But know this:

It is okay to feel what you feel and be who you are.

Let me say that again...

It is okay to feel what you feel and be who you are.

You are not 'too' anything - even if some people might try to tell you otherwise.

And part of self-care, part of loving and caring for you, is honoring your feelings and your expressions and your truth and your edges.

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if you have restless creativity...

Sometimes I just want to create.

I might have an inner itch to write some fiction. Or it might be a nudge to pick up a paintbrush. Or to pull out some crystals and beads and craft something, anything...

But I feel stalled.

Not stalled in the sense of feeling inertia.

It feels more like I'm restless.

My creativity feels restless.

The creativity is there (sometimes so close it's just right-there) but I can't seem to settle down, I can't decide which project to work on, I can't focus.

And then it's as though I pace restlessly.

This pacing isn't literally pacing a room, but it's mental pacing.

My thoughts jump around as I wonder what creative project to do, or I distract myself online or on Netflix, or I tackle the laundry.

Does this ever happen to you?

This creative restless can actually be part of the creative process.

There are times, of course, when the restless feeling itself can become a way to distract yourself from creating. And there are times when the restless feeling is the signal that it's time to stop mentally (or otherwise) pacing and get to work.

Being aware of exactly what the restlessness means - and when it might signal a shift needs to take place - is important... and the awareness comes the more you look at and understand your own process.

So how do you know the difference? And what can you do when you're experiencing restless creativity?

Here are a few things to try...

Do an internal check-in with yourself. Is the restlessness really procrastination in disguise? Or is it part of your creative process that, in the big picture, moves you closer to creating what's wanting to be birthed? Is there something that honestly needs to get taken care of (scheduling an appointment, dealing with a problematic situation, etc.) before you get to work on a creative project?

Get grounded. Take some time to ground yourself and ground your energy. Close your eyes and just breathe quietly for a few minutes. Go outside and touch the earth. Hold one or two grounding crystals (black tourmaline, smokey quartz, red jasper, garnet, and snowflake obsidian are a few). Ground and center your energy so that you feel less restless in general. And then see where your creative energy leads you.

Ask your body. If you're trying to decide between one or more creative projects to work on, pick one of them and see how your body feels. Do you feel constricted inside, does your body feel pulled-in too much, does your heart sink a bit because you really wish you were working on "that other project over there"? If so, that can be a clue to devote your time and energy to one of the other creative ideas calling for your attention at this time. (But it's also possible that the feeling could be a form of resistance instead of true guidance - so, again, awareness and honesty with yourself is key.)

Just start. Give yourself a mental push or physical shake, pick up your pen or paintbrush (or put fingers to the keyboard or sit down with crafting/creating supplies) and simply start doing something. You can tell yourself that you'll this for for just 5 minutes - sometimes putting a (short) time limit on the activity can help your mind overcome the restlessness long enough to start... and then if you continue past that time, it's icing on the cake! Sometimes starting can be the most difficult step when it comes to creating.

So how about you - do you have tips, tools, and techniques that help if you're experiencing restless creativity?

Share in the comments - I'd love to hear!