come to your life...

I often, although not on a consistent schedule, post oracle messages to my instagram account and facebook page.

Sometimes I send a collective intuitive oracle reading to my newsletter list too - a message only for those who subscribe. (If you'd like to be on that list, go here.)

And I offer a variety of intuitive readings and sessions for clients.

Today I posted one of those oracle messages on ig and fb... and I had a strong internal nudging to share it here too.

The words I was given to pass along from these cards are a big message that's been coming through, in a variety of ways, quite a lot. With cards I pull for myself, in times of personal spiritual dialogue (aka my prayers), and with readings I do for others... this message has appeared over and over - different cards, different words, but the same message.

I'm not sure why I'm being guided to share it here when I've also shared it elsewhere (instagram and facebook). This isn't the first time that's happened, but it's not typically what I'm guided to do.

But maybe there's at least one person who'll see it here, but won't see it in the other spaces, and it'll resonate.

So here it is...

Right now, the big message coming through is something I've written and talked about so often: DO YOU.

Live the life you've been given to live. Live it your way.

Do YOUR thing. Create what YOU are given to create.

Paint yourself into being - come to life... your life.

There will be other voices telling you what you should do, and there will be other people saying "do this my way and you can have a life (or work/biz) like mine", or there will be other voices (or your own mind-chatter or self-doubts) saying you can't do xyz or at least not the way you want to or feel guided to do.

But get past all that. Surrender to who YOU are (a beautiful surrender in so many ways, but can sometimes also feel scary), surrender to YOUR work and YOUR path, not imitating another's or doing the 'should' game.

Come to life. Come to your life. Surrender to that, and to all that brings.

Do your life.


{cards: the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild, the Soul Call Cards by Amy Oscar; crystals: blue calcite, clear quartz, red calcite}