I'm Gin (or Ginger - either is okay with me!) and I'm passionate about creativity, self care, soul nourishment, spiritual and joy connections, and living true.

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I love writing, reading, painting, music, crystals, being at the beach, crystals, hanging with my family of love, communing with nature and God and Jesus, smelling coffee, tasting chocolate, and cuddling my cat.

I believe we're all creative.

I believe we're all intuitive.

I believe we're always surrounded by our spiritual team.

I believe in the sacred of everything, big and small.

I believe we all deserve to be seen, heard, and witnessed.


There are some main threads weaving through my life - and these threads influence everything about me and what I do...

I'm a writer. It's one of the absolute main threads weaving through my life since the time I could form letters into words. (my middle-grade historical novel, In New Harmony, is available on amazon and b&n - and you can find out about my nonfiction ebooks at this link)

I'm a crafter, artist, creatrix, intuitive, and energy alchemist. These intersect with my personal spirituality in a deep way, and each plays a role in the work I do and the way I live life.

Another main thread that's been weaving throughout my life since very (very) early is anxiety. I've lived with severe anxiety (and I'm talking to the point of panic attacks and even a couple of years of agoraphobia), and anxiety is something that impacts my life even now - even with knowing and working with a large variety of methods to deal with it, anxiety and I have an ongoing relationship.


My own travel with anxiety is one reason inner calm and self care are so important to me.

It's one reason my spiritual relationship is so crucial to me.

It's one reason energetic harmony is so vital to me.

Then there's creativity and its role in life...

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Creativity has always been part of my life, in a variety of ways.

But I didn't always know how important creativity is when it comes to my anxiety.

I now know first-hand how creativity helps me deal and helps me heal. I know how incredibly important creativity is for soul nourishment, for self-expression, and for living true.

Creativity helps connect with JOY.

And, for me, creativity is also closely tied to my spiritual connection.

Let's see... what else?


There are some guiding phrases for me, phrases I've adopted and taken to heart - phrases that say something about who I am, how I live, what I'm about, what I do...

subtle harmony

gentle clarity

fierce and magical grace

earthy mystic Christian

quiet rebel

creativity joy

living true

Other words or terms of who and what I am or what I do: indie author, published writer, certified energy worker and intuitive, holistic life coach, teacher, and (although I'm not currently working in the field) librarian.


Ways to connect...

I hope you'll check out my blog (it opens in a separate window or tab, and lives in different online space than this site, so it'll look a little different there).

I hope you'll take a look around my Subtle Harmony Etsy shop for digital downloads, small artwork, and my handcrafted items.

If you're interested in my novel, In New Harmony, you can find it on Amazon here - and at Barnes & Noble here.

I'm on facebook and I'm still active there, but these days I'm especially loving hanging out on instagram - it would be great to connect with you in those places!

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Have questions or comments or just want to say hello? Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for being here.