Subtle Harmony is...

♥ connection with inner calm, peace, and joy ♥

♥ soul nourishment and self care ♥

♥ living true to who you are ♥

♥ creativity and self-expression ♥

♥ tools and talismans to remind you of your true self ♥


I'm Gin (hi! you can read more about me at this page) - and I craft, write, and paint... offering physical items and digital downloads to serve as helpers, reminders, or touchstones for calming, meditation and prayer, soul nourishment and self care, connection to joy and creativity, and living true to who you are.

My Etsy shop is where you can find out more about my products and offerings.

My blog is where I offer information and inspiration for the journey, along with sharing some of my own experiences with soul nourishment and self care, creativity, dealing with anxiety and stress, and living true. (And I have another blog here.)

Have questions or want to get in touch? You can contact me here.


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